dbt adapter for Data Warehouse is coming to Microsoft Fabric

The dbt adapter is available to use in Microsoft Fabric now.

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  • Microsoft Fabric was released earlier this year.
  • The platform now added the dbt adapter which will allow you to connect and transform data.
  • Some other development experiences are coming to Fabric very soon.
microsoft fabric dbt adapter

Remember Microsoft Fabric? The analytic platform set to reduce your business costs brings together all the analytics and data tools that organizations use on a daily basis.

Microsoft Fabric also integrates technologies such as Azure Data Factory, Synapse Analytics, and Power BI and unifies them, allowing you to swiftly change between technologies and make use of them to plan and develop the work.

And now Microsoft announced that the dbt adapter is coming to Synapse Data Warehouse in Microsoft Fabric. According to the Redmond-based tech giant, this data adapter plugin allows you to connect and transform data into Synapse Data Warehouse in Microsoft Fabric.

The collaboration between Microsoft and dbt made it possible to the adapter to make it into Microsoft Fabric. And you can already use it because the dbt adapter was released on Fabric on August 1st.

This is what you’ll be able to do with Microsoft Fabric and the dbt adapter

dbt (Data Build Tool) is an open-source framework that simplifies data transformation and analytics engineering when it comes to data warehouse. The adapter is already used by over 20.000 companies worldwide to automate various development practices. Think about version control practices, CI/CD, testing, documentation, and transformations.microsoft fabric dbt adapter

Using it together with Microsoft Fabric will allow you to create and develop:

  • One-stop development tools and platform combinations.
  • Full CI/CD / DevOps integration.
  • Full semantic modeling.
  • End-to-End Analytics.
  • Open table format using Delta. 

The dbt adapter is available to use in Microsoft Fabric today. Microsoft also announced that a lot of new features are coming to the platform.

When it comes to developing experiences, Microsoft Fabric will soon add REST APIs,  SQL Project support, git integration, and deployment pipelines. They will complement the existing service principal support. But you can follow their community website to know exactly when they will be available.

And if you have any thoughts about it, let us know in the comments section below.

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