6 Best Browsers That Don’t Track Your History & Private Data

Ensure your online safety with these expert-curated browsers

by Vlad Turiceanu
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  • A browser that doesn't track your history is a reliable browser for online privacy and security.
  • With a built-in VPN, you'll find below many browsers that don't collect your personal data.
  • Your browser should be equipped with functionalities that stop websites from spying on you.
  • The best option is a browser that doesn't track your history nor does reveal your location.
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Online privacy is and always was a really big concern for everyone. People want to browse the internet without leaving a trace of private information behind them.

The main door to the Internet is your browser and everyone, from the government, Facebook, and Instagram, to Google and Microsoft wants to know what you’re doing at all times.

What’s your email address, who’s your online friend, what’s your favorite music channel, or how many times do you access a website, all of them and many more are daily questions that need to be answered.

But where are the answers? Funny you should ask. All of this info and much more is in your browsing history, search history, passwords saved, online purchases, Facebook account, and the ads you click.

To even have a hope of preserving your online footprint, you’ll need the safest browser that doesn’t track history, and today we’ll talk about the best ones.

How can I browse without being tracked?

Browsing the web without having third parties collect your online data can be done by using a VPN service to change your IP address.

Once your IP address has changed, any possible third-party tracking will not be able to collect your personal data like bank accounts, private information about your family, clicks, preferences, etc., making the online experience a much safer environment.

As in the case of every software on the market, not all VPNs are made the same, and there are two big categories:

  • Built-in VPN services – Applications that already have a VPN service built into the structure of the software. Can be extremely easy to use, accessible, and offers great protection if implemented correctly, and most of them are also completely free to use.
  • Third-party VPN services – Apps that are built as stand-alone entities, which are not integrated into other software. These VPN services provide the same capabilities as the built-in ones but will be a bit harder to access, while also usually requiring a monthly subscription.

As today we’re talking about the best browsers that don’t save your history or data, we will be focusing more on the first category: built-in VPNs, so make sure to read through the information provided and choose the best fit for your needs.

Can you be tracked if you use incognito?

The Incognito Mode only prevents your browser from storing any history of the sites that you visit, and will not accept any cookies or site data, while also not saving any data added to online forums.

Your online activities will be easily tracked by the websites that you visit, the owner of your company, and your ISP provider.

If you would like to not be tracked online, the only possibility is using a VPN service, and a browser with a built-in service is even better.

Read along to find out more information.

Is there a truly private browser?

Tor is a web browser that is both open source and free, and it offers users complete anonymity. Tor users can conceal their online browsing activities and the IP address from their Internet service providers by using a three-step encryption process.

Which browser has no history?

The following are the best browsers that have no to little tracking:

Browser’s namePrivacy-focused featureAdblocking capabilities
Opera OneIn-built VPNYes (Block ads setting)
AVG Secure BrowserAnti-tracking toolsYes (Automatic ad-blocker)
UR BrowserNinja Mode (completely anonymous)Yes (Ad and cookie blocker)
Tor BrowserOnion servicesNo (extensions aren’t advised)
WaterfoxNo telemetryYes
Firefox QuantumYou can turn off all tracking optionsNo (you can add extensions)

What is the best non-tracking browser?

In this article

Opera One – Powerful built-in VPN support

Opera One is the best browser to use if you want to keep your personal data private and prevent third parties from tracking your online activities.

There are three main features that make Opera One a privacy-friendly browser: the built-in ad blocker, tracker blocker, and VPN. Opera One’s ad blocker detects and blocks ad scripts leading to faster loading speeds.

At the same time, the tool also protects your computer. Malicious ad attacks have increased in frequency in recent years. Opera One’s ad blocker can successfully block any type of ad, including malware-loaded ads.

The tracker blocker detects and blocks online trackers thus protecting your personal data. Third-party tracking codes and cookies can no longer collect information about your online behavior and activities.

Opera One is one of the few browsers with a built-in VPN. You can use this tool to encrypt your connection, hide your IP address, or access geo-restriction content.

It also has a redesigned interface with a modular design and tab islands to make your multitasking more easier and efficient.

Opera One

Start using Opera One’s integrated VPN features for a safer browsing experience.

AVG Secure Browser – Lightweight and secure usage

AVG browser is a great suitable choice for digital data safety, especially for tracking engines that collect personal information.

This browser is multi-platform and can be used on Windows, Mac, or Android devices. Therefore, you can avoid tracking cookies wherever you may be.

Compared with other options, this browser differentiates due to its privacy technology that specifically targets adware or threats regarding your data.

More exactly, you can make use of capabilities like anti-phishing defense that ensures secure navigation without cyber threats or malicious websites.

Additionally, this browser has in-built security against tracking engines so you keep your browsing history untouched.

If you’re not convinced yet, be aware that you have an overall digital fingerprint safety to block any tracking attempt on your device. Moreover, the privacy cleaner functionality will erase history or other browsing data with a single click.

AVG Secure Browser

Take control of your browsing data with this quick full-private browser.

UR Browser – 3 levels of online privacy

UR Browser is one of your best bets to keep your private information secure. It was created by AdaptiveBee with user security and privacy in mind.

UR is based on Chromium and it’s available for Mac and Windows.

It comes with amazing security features like a powerful ad and 3-rd party cookies blocker, a built-in VPN, anti-fingerprinting functionality, and a completely anonymous private browsing mode called Ninja Mode.

To encrypt your data, the browser uses HTTPS redirection, which is a much more secure protocol. Also, a very important thing to mention is that UR stores databases on its servers.

This way, no browsing history is collected in this browser. Furthermore, UR automatically disables things like prediction text on web searches, automatic password filling, and automatic updating, making it a great browser without history.

Of course, UR Browser is highly customizable with unique home screens, a lot of wallpapers, an updated news feed, and many other features that help you make it exactly what you want.

UR Browser

UR Browser is based on Chromium so you get all the features without the tracking.

Tor BrowserPrivate with no record history

Tor is another browser that does not track user activity and is heavily focused on user privacy and security. It’s available for Windows, macOS, and GNU/Linux in 32-bit and 64-bit versions that are constantly updated.

Its main focus is on anonymity. Based on a modified Firefox ESR, it contains things like NoScript and HTTPS-Everywhere.

The browser works in a network that promises to protect a user’s browsing history, location, messages, and any online personal data from people or bots that perform network traffic analysis.

Tor network is a web of servers operated by volunteers. Their aim is to keep browsing data as secure as it can be. You don’t have to worry about browsing history, saved passwords, or auto-completion data.

Also, it’s worth mentioning that Tor is the only browser that uses onion services. This means that users can publish websites and other services without revealing their location.

Download Tor Browser


Waterfox is a 64-bit open-source browser based on Mozilla Firefox. It was created in 2011 and it’s available for Windows, macOS, and Linux.

The most important difference between Firefox and Waterfox is that the last one has telemetry completely turned off. Data collection, startup profiling, sponsored tiles, and Tracking have been removed.

Also, the lack of telemetry helps with the speed of the browser. Without data collection or ads, websites load much faster and everything is smoother.

It can run any plugins, Firefox add-ons, and any extensions you want.

Rest assured, with Waterfox none of your history, passwords, cookies, and other personal data gets public or shared anywhere.

Download Waterfox

Firefox Quantum

Firefox Quantum is the newest version of Firefox. It’s available for Windows, macOS, Linux, IOS, and Android. Unfortunately, it’s also one of the older players in the browser picture.

Firefox wasn’t always the safest, but with this new update, things have changed drastically. It has excellent privacy protection features, customization options, regular updates, and good security.

It also has a lot of add-ons and extensions that can take the thing to the next level. You can customize it in almost any way you want.

You’ll have to remember that out-of-the-box Firefox still has telemetry, but you can easily disable it in the settings. With telemetry turned off, you won’t have to worry anymore.

Of course, there are a few other things you can enable/disable like Tracking protection, geolocation, cookies control, autocomplete, and password protection.

All these features and more can help you create a private and secure environment that will minimize your online trial.

Download Firefox Quantum

Which browser has the best Incognito mode?

As we already discussed, the Incognito mode, or any other variant of the same idea, will not be able to protect your data online and can only do so locally and with limited efficiency.

That being said, the browser with the best incognito mode is Opera One, which allows users to go fully anonymous online by using its built-in VPN service.

Even though the so-called Private Browsing tab in Opera One does the same thing as in the case of Incognito Mode in Chrome, having the capability to turn on a VPN also makes this the best browser option on the market.

As you can see, there are choices for everyone. Some browsers are more advanced; others are simpler. It depends on what you’re looking for.

Share your thoughts in the comments section below if you have experienced any of these browsers. Also, if you have more questions or suggestions, leave them there.

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